Bradley got me everything I wanted
Posted by Jared L., 3 days ago

“Where do I start. I found Bradley out of nowhere I was going through a child custody case in 2013. When I found him. He was very helpful. He was straight to the point. And got me what I wanted. I just got out of the court with him today on another custody case 2017. He left me feeling at ease. And I’m happy with what I got. He’s and excellent lawyer. I honestly recommend him for anything. He’s from the neighborhood. He knows what’s up. If your ever in any trouble Bradley  should be your first choice.” 

Bradley Hochberg best lawyer in LA
Posted by Mirela, 18 days ago

“Bradley Hochberg is a very knowledgeable lawyer, very smart, with a great winning strategy to overcome any obstacle and win the war! A great human being with a huge heart! I recommend Bradley Hochberg to everybody! Thank you very much Bradley for winning my case!!! It was a difficult one! Bradley Hochberg best lawyer in LA!”

A real godsend.
Posted by Maria, 18 days ago

“I do not know what I would have done without him. He was the third attorney I had on my case. Nobody could seem to do anything. Mr. Hochberg fought hard and got me what I wanted.”

Thank you Mr. Bradley Hochberg. I could not have expected any better results.
Posted by Christopher, 10 days ago

“He has handled many cases of mine. I could not have expected any better results than what he has done for me.”

He made feel like he really cares about my case.
Posted by Tina, 12 days ago

“Mr. Hochberg was always there for me in my nasty custody battle. I would call him whenever my ex would hassle me with the custodial arrangement. He would always listen to me go on and on. He always knew what should be done in my situation. It made me feel like he really cared about my case.”

Thanks Bradley you’re the best. Always there for me.
Posted by Ricardo, 10 days ago

“Mr. Hochberg has been my attorney for the pass several years, whether it’s related to family law, with tenant evictions or with something dumb like a DUI (not proud about). He has always provided the best advise and legal service to me.
I have referred several of my friends and family to him and they are all very thankful to him. I have Mr. Hochberg on speed dial.”

Was there when I needed him.
Posted by Madeline, 20 days ago

“Brad is a very knowledgeable lawyer. After speaking with him, it was apparent that he could help me during a difficult transition. Definitely recommend for anyone looking for a family law lawyer.”

Great for my divorce
Posted by Andy, 25 days ago

“Mr. Hochberg was a very knowledgeable attorney for my divorce and child support proceedings. He was always available to answer my questions and I had a bunch of them. I was very happy with the outcome he helped me achieve. I recommend.”

Very aggressive, honest and trustworthy
Posted by Brian, 14 days ago

“I needed a restraining order because my ex wife was harassing me. The police would never listen because she would deny it and would cry to the police. He was able to prove what she was doing and got me my restraining order. I could never have done it myself. He was very honest and trustworthy. I highly recommend him.”

He found my husband’s hidden assets
Posted by Julie, 14 days ago

“I Hired Mr. Hochberg for my divorce. He always answered all of questions no matter how difficult or dumb they were. I always thought my husband was hiding money from me. Mr. Hochberg was able to find my husband’s hidden account and get it awarded to me for my husbands lying. I would thoroughly recommend him.”

He kept me from being deported

Posted by Jose, 14 days ago

“I was put in deportation proceedings. My first attorney gave up on me and told me to agree to leave the country. I hired Mr. Bradley and he was able to keep me from being deported. I have recommended him to many of my friends”

Mr. Hochberg got me all of my stolen money back
Posted by Robert, 14 days ago

“I hired him Mr. Hochberg because I was at my wits end. I was losing sleep because I was ripped off by a former business partner who stole from me and opened his own competing company. Mr. Hochberg relentlessly pursued him and ended up getting me all of my money back. For this reason I would absolutely recommend him.”

Mr. Hochberg fought child protective services for me and won

Posted by Jack, 14 days ago

“Mr. Hochberg fought hard for me when child protective services took away my child. He was there with me every step of the way. He would take my calls at all hours. He really knew what he was doing. He fought aggressively with child protective services. He proved that the allegations were based on lies. He was able to help me to reunite with my child.”

Great attorney
Posted by Ricardo, 14 days ago

“Bradley is a remarkable and very honest attorney. I have been going to Bradley for all my legal matters for the past 10 years and will not dare go elsewhere. I have recommended Bradley to many of my friends and business associates.
I encourage everybody in need of legal services or advise to contact Bradley you will not be disappointed.”

Brad Hochberg Review
Posted by Sam, 14 days ago

“My young son got into trouble with a drug charge. I contacted Mr. Hochberg and he was very knowledgeable and calming. He walked me through the entire process and explained in detail what our options were. I felt very comfortable having somebody who knew the system inside out and could explain all the pitfalls of a complex process. He showed up to court when required and spent the entire time with me. I would definitely use Mr. Hochberg again.”

A miracle worker
Posted by Charles, 17 days ago

“I was at the end of my rope by the time I hired Mr. Hochberg. I had an order of no visitation with my child. This was despite the fact that my ex wife was homeless and living in transient motels with my child. The court just would not listen to me. Mr Hochberg fought hard for me and got the court to listen to him. I was eventually awarded sole legal custody and sole physical custody of my child. My ex wife was given monitored visit. Now my child is a happy and healthy child who is thriving. I do not know what I would have done without Mr. Hochberg’s help. He was always available to listen to me throughout the whole process. I would and have recommended him to many of my friends and family.”

Best for my divorce
Posted by Elizabeth, 21 days ago

“I was introduced to Brad from a friend who did not hire Brad, but knew Brad because he represented her ex husband! I hired family law attorney Brad Hochberg in 2010. He helped me get through the toughest situation of my life, fighting for my right of financial support. I was a young mother of three children and was already in divorce court for over a year with my previous attorney. I had spent too much time and money in and out of Los Angeles divorce court. At this point I just wanted someone that would be good, strong, and not spin wheels. Brad was that, he got in my case and took care of my needs, fast He worked well with the opposing divorce attorney and the judge. Brad was able to prove to the judge that I needed the proper alimony and support to properly raise my three children and most importantly keep the same lifestyle that I had in my marriage of 15 years. Until this day, if I ever need anything related to family law I always contact Brad and he is fast to answer all my questions. Extremely informative and very mindful of all different family situations. Most importantly, Brad is always looking out for his clients even after the proceedings were over. For me, that was everything.”

A God Send
Posted by a Family client, 4 years ago

“I hired Bradley more than 3 years ago.

Bradley handled my Family matter.

I have previously worked with 1-2 lawyers.

5 Stars”

“Over 10 years ago I was to busy paying off debts & didn’t know I could give a rating to this Lawyer. In 1997 I was confronted by double payment (same person using 2 AFDC counties to collect) Mr Hochberg was proficient in Clarifying the amount I needed to pay.

In short he went to bat for me. I highly recommend Bradley Hochberg where you feel AFDC is incorrect and more to the point making OVERWORKED AFDC CASE WORKERS are able to do their job properly.”