Case Results

Matter of DB

Case Conclusion Date: March 2, 2016

Practice Area: Contract/Collections

Outcome: Judgment for the Defendant.

Description: Person signed a promissory note for approximately $100,000. Defendant did not pay anything on the note. Plaintiff brought a lawsuit against defendant with multiple counts including fraud and breach of contract. I was able to get a complete victory on all counts for the defendant at trial.

Matter of NG

Case Conclusion Date: Sept 20, 2005

Practice Area: Spousal Support

Outcome: Kept spousal support going after 25 years on 1 year marriage.

Description: Person had been paying spousal support to spouse for 25 years on a one year marriage. Spouse sought to have it terminated. I was able to successfully beat back the challenge and client still received continued ongoing spousal support.

Matter of TA

Case Conclusion Date: July 1, 2015

Practice Area: Divorce

Outcome: Denied wife’s boyfriend parentage.

Description: Very litigious case. Mother went so far to deny father by raising child as boyfriend’s child. After lengthy trial was able to get mother to admit what she had done on the witness stand. Court denied boyfriend parentage and had client declared the parent of the child.

People v MF

Case Conclusion Date: Oct 14, 2015

Practice Area: Drunk Driving

Outcome: charges dropped and driving privilege reinstated.

Description: Person pulled over in car for alleged drunk driving. Person took breath test but did not complete it. Police wrote down that he willfully failed to complete the test. The test was thrown out after successfully cross examination of several police officers involved resulting in their driving privilege being reinstated.

Matter of DS

Case Conclusion Date: December 2 , 2015

Practice Area: Immigration

Outcome: Green Card Approved.

Description: Put together a package for permanent residency very detailed and quick because they needed to be able to go to work and travel. Person had interview and was approved for a green card and work permit within 2 1/2 months.

People v TI

Case Conclusion Date: Sept 15, 2015

Practice Area: Drug Possession

Outcome: All charges dropped after a successful attack of the reason for the stop and search.

Description: Person driving car on a street. Police pulled the car over alleging the car failed to stop at a traffic light. Drugs were found in car after a search of the car. Attorney found a surveillance video of the scene from a local business that showed the scene at the time of the stop. The charges were dropped after presentation of this evidence.

Marriage of BR

Case Conclusion Date: November 10, 2015

Practice Area: Child Custody

Outcome: Mother obtained her 50/50 custody order that she had before being accused of child abuse.

Description: Previously mother and father each had 50/50 custody order. Mother was accused of child abuse and given monitored visits. After attorney intervention, child abuse allegations dismissed and mother returned to a 50/50 custody order.

Marriage of GL

Case Conclusion Date: July 1, 2014

Practice Area: Child Custody

Outcome: Father obtained sole legal and sole physical custody with mother having monitored visits reversing order of mother having sole legal and physical custody with order of no visits for father

Description: Mother had sole legal and physical custody. Father had order of no visitation despite mother having tried to kill self on several occasions and was semi homeless with the child.

Matter of DB

Case Conclusion Date: March 4, 2013

Practice Area: Child Abuse
Outcome: Father gets award of custody from mother who had accused him of child abuse.

Description: Child Abuse case. Father accused of Molestation of child. After a lengthy process reversed order of custody to mother with an order of custody to father.