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Law Offices of Bradley Hochberg Uncategorized Choose the most trusted Family Law attorney in Whittier, CA

Choose the most trusted Family Law attorney in Whittier, CA

Bradley Hochberg has 25 years of experience in family law cases involving divorce, support, custody, visitation, property rights, dependency, restraining orders, guardianship, domestic violence and adoption.

Trusted for over 25 years

Our reviewers unanimously agree that our law offices are the most reliable, understanding, responsive and successful family law attorneys in Whittier, CA. Looking for further proof? See our Avvo.com reviews, and our Google reviews.

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As the most experienced divorce lawyer in Whitter, Bradley Hochberg understands that even the most simple divorce proceedings can turn into problems if not handled correctly.

Divorce can be a very traumatizing event. You need an attorney to assist you in finding out what you are entitled to in a divorce case (eg: property that you thought was not yours, support that you may have been denied, or custody orders that you are being forced into).

Feel free to contact our office regarding any questions you have regarding a potential or actual divorce you may be going through. We fight for what you are entitled to.

Parental Alienation

There are few things more frustrating than to have the other parent try to alienate your child from you. This is a very serious situation. It can cause a lifetime of problems. It can cause lasting damage to your children. Frequently one parent may do this in ways that are not so obvious. As such, it can be hard to prove in court. You need an attorney that will fight hard to show the court exactly what the other parent is doing by their conduct. If this is your situation feel free to contact us.

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Do you own a house and are about to enter into a marriage? Do you want to protect what you already have?

You would be surprised that your new spouse could wind up with an ownership in your separate property house. What you need is an air tight prenuptial agreement that will stand up to any challenge. If you are in this situation, don’t hesitate to call us to learn how to protect yourself.

Child Custody

Child custody can be one of the most important and potentially heartbreaking aspects in family law.

You are basically allowing a judge who does not know you or your children to decide what they feel the custody arrangement should be. Many times a person might believe what they want to present is important only to find out that it was not relevant to their case. Losing custody of your children is not an option. If you feel you need sole custody of your children then you must fight for it. This is one area where an experienced attorney can meet with you. Prepare all of the necessary paperwork and argue your case to the judge in order to get you the best result for the custody of your children. We have won custody for our clients in hundreds of custody cases. Feel free to contact us if you wish to discuss custody of your children.

Child Support

Child Support can be simple at times, but depending on the factors involved, it can turn difficult.

Some of the factors that can arise that make it more difficult for you to obtain the support you deserve:

– A person who quits their job
– A person who gets fired from their job
– Having a secret second job
– Working overtime

Therefore, you need an experienced family law attorney that can fight for the support you deserve or to not have to pay more than you can afford. Contact us to discuss your child support options further.

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